The women’s basketball team of Serbia traveled to Japan tonight, where they will participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“We like to work in peace and go step by step. We are without a break, but we Serbs are a nation that knows how to cope and react to all kinds of pressure and find the best possible solution. I must also mention that we are very pleased to be part of this families, we are all one team. And I am especially glad that as the founder of the Institute for Women’s Sports I can point out that we have 44 competitors and 42 competitors. I feel great pride because of that, “said selector Marina Maljković at the press conference.

The women’s basketball team of Serbia consists of Maja Škorić, Diana Butulija, Jelena Brooks, Sasa Čadjo, Aleksandra Crvendakić, Ana Dabović, Angela Dugalić, Nevena Jovanović, Tina Krajišnik, Dragana Stanković, Sonja Vasić and Ivon Anderson.

Team captain Jelena Brooks said she could not compare the Games in Rio and Tokyo.

“It will be totally different. We have to be ready and the Olympic Committee of Serbia has prepared us for what awaits us. I believe we are ready, and as in every championship we are going step by step. I hope we will return to Serbia with a smile on our face.” , said Jelena Brooks.

Sonja Vasić will travel with the team, after she recovered from the corona virus.

“We are leaving with the title of European champion and that shows that we have great ambitions. We always represent Serbia with pride and we usually bring good results, I hope it will be the same now,” said Sonja Vasić.

Together with water polo player Filip Filipović, she will carry the flag of Serbia at the opening ceremony.

“It is a great honor for me to be part of the Olympic family, and among so many representatives of women’s sports, choosing me is amazing. First of all, it is a huge responsibility and I hope to fulfill it. I hope that the flag will fly high at the opening and that Filip and I will present it properly “, said Sonja Vasić.

Serbian basketball players will play their first game on July 26 against Canada.

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