As in every Olympics since 1992, in Tokyo 2020, judo will be the focus of Israeli interest in the Olympic Games. The industry that has provided us with five of Israel’s nine medals over the years – including the first two in Barcelona and the last two in Rio – is the great hope of the delegation in blue and white.

This morning (Thursday), the draw for the Olympic tournament was held in the Japanese capital, which revealed to the Israeli competitors the expected path for each of them to the podium.

Every day there will be competitions in two weights – one for men and one for women – with the first three rounds taking place between 5:00 and 8:30 Israel time, while the battles of the House of Consolation, the semifinals and the finals will take place between 11:00 and 13:50.

The full raffle

  • 24.7 – Preliminary Singing (up to 48 kg) will meet Los Alvarez (Colombia)
  • 25.7 – Gili Cohen (up to 52 kg) will meet Goldbadam in Abamortova (Turkmenistan)
  • 25.7 – Baruch Shmailov (up to 66 kg) will meet Kevin Luporte (Mozambique)
  • 26.7 – Botbol purity (up to 73 kg)
  • 26.7 – Timna Nelson Levy (up to 57 kg)
  • 27.7 – Sagi Muki (up to 81 kg)
  • 27.7 – Gili Sharir (up to 63 kg) will meet Katherine Hayker (Australia)
  • 28.7 – Lee Kochman (up to 90 kg) will meet David Kalmert (Czech Republic)
  • 29.7 – Peter Plachik (up to 100 kg)
  • 29.7 – Inbar Lanier (up to 78 kg) will meet the Mongsteg Otagon (Mongolia)
  • 30.7 – Uri Sasson (over 100 kg) – His opponent in the first round has not yet been determined, but if he passes he may meet Teddy Riner
  • 30.7 – Raz Hershko (over 78 kg) will meet Tahani Al-Kahtani (Saudi Arabia)
  • 31.7 – The group competition

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