After just five games as national team coach, the same coach since January, Paulo Sousa is ready for the challenge and hopes to lead the Poland national team For a successful euro. In 2016, for example, the team was eliminated in the quarter-finals by Portugal after a penalty shootout. On the other hand, in the last World Cup she parted ways already at the home stage and the team is not really impressive, to say the least, when she finished In a 2: 2 draw against Iceland. Sousa, who is aware of the size of the hour, was interviewed on the UEFA website and told about the preparations for the tournament.

So far Sousa has recorded a lone win in five games along with three draws. In the home stage, Slovakia is waiting for him, in front of which the team will open the tournament, Spain and Sweden – a house that is not simple at all. “I always look at things in a positive way. I believe in everything we do and pass it on to my players. We have a long way to go and we have to be strong. The quality you have found but we have to be more orderly and aggressive, with ambition in our game,” he clarified. Souza. “Unfortunately, we did not get the results we deserved, we deserved a lot more, we took steps forward. I feel good towards the opening of the tournament.”

Is the first game critical: “This is not a decisive game because the last team to win the Euro (Portugal) did not win the first game. The game is essential in many things, especially for us because we started a process with new ideas and a new philosophy. It will not be easy, I expect a very dynamic and not easy game. “We must not make mistakes. Slovakia is an orderly team that defends well, they are strong in explosive attacks.”

Robert Lewandowski | Boris Streubel/Getty Images

“It’s hard to instill a philosophy because when you coach a team you have five or six weeks and a few games. And here we do not have that time, each player comes from a different place with different dynamics. We want to combine them all successfully and create one team, that is our challenge and the leading players “.

Of course the main star in the show is Robert Lewandowski who once again excelled at Bayern Munich and is also the king of national team goals at all times. “He is important because his quality on offense raises our level. The whole country trusts him. He always wants to perform at the highest level, you can see everything he has achieved. He has to be ambitious and push himself to the maximum. We work to create a balanced, aggressive team. “And players who at a certain moment can invest two or three times the energy to support him up front. In the key moments he has to make an impact. He knows how to make the difference and will make the difference.”

His expectations from the tournament“We have to go step by step. The first step is to get through the home stage. It’s hard because all the teams are good, but we can win each one, we have the tools to do that. To do that we have to believe that you can win and even win the tournament.”

Poland national team players | JANEK SKARZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images

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