In great pain, Shira Rishoni marched towards the Israeli media who were waiting for her in the mix zone of the magical nipple Budokan in central Tokyo. A few minutes earlier she had lost a battle for the bronze medal in the weight category that opened the judo competitions up to 48 kg for women and the tears of the 30.year.old fighter did not stop even after she spoke on the sports channel.

Olympic Committee spokeswoman Bruria Bigman picked her up for a brief chat and may have tried to convey to her some of her toughness, but Rishoni was sad and hurt. Nothing could comfort her at that moment. She was so close to an Olympic medal that even her coach Shani Hershko, with all the experience and what he went through as an Olympic coach, found it difficult to complete a few sentences on his own without suffocating from pain. So much so that the journalists who are here are deeply disappointed by Rishoni, most of whom have forgotten that a few tens of kilometers away from them, Avishag Samberg is competing right at the same time in Takwando. Upon leaving for the amazing garden that surrounds the judo hall that will accompany the Israeli delegation’s next week, the news was received: “Avishag Samberg has won and is one battle away from a medal.” The time was already after 19.00 and Samberg’s battle was set for 20.30. Will you now arrive at the Makohari Massa compound on the other side of Tokyo?

It should be understood that the movement in the Olympic Games is conducted in a completely different way than any logic. Let’s say you are in the hall where the judo fights are being held and five kilometers away there are the taekwondo fights, there is no movie that the bus will drop you off there. First drive to the Central Bus Station for communication in central Tokyo and from there take a bus to the Taekwondo Hall. It turns out that the trip becomes cumbersome and several times longer. Samberg’s result against Turkey was heard by most of the journalists in the shuttle on the way to the hall. Others who managed to catch a taxi simply asked the driver to drive as fast as possible and even paid him more for it just to get to the battle for the medal.

In the stands in the taekwondo hall also sat the heads of the Olympic Committee. Yigal Carmi, Yael Arad, Gili Lustig. Everyone understood that this day was about to end with a medal that was not in the plans. Only on Thursday at a press conference here held on the eve of the opening ceremony, did everyone try to avoid answering the question of failure in games.

Avishag Samberg | Amit Shissel, Olympic Committee of Israel

“I know that if we do not bring any medal to Israel, the media will deal with it for a long time and will not give up,” he said at the time. Carmi The chairman of the Olympic Committee in Israel, who will end his position after the Olympics and will probably turn the stage to Yael Arad who will replace him. Medals as a goal and ten finals.Yesterday they opened on the right foot with a kick from Avishag Samberg to the head.

It was a hot Sunday in Tokyo. In the morning it was still dripping, but very quickly the clouds disappeared and the sun hit hard on everyone standing outside. Alex Shtilov did not show that he suffers from the 37 degrees measured at noon when he left the gym to speak freely with the media that came from the country. On the ground a little while earlier, Tilov tried to reach the final but did not do a good enough exercise. Artium Dolgofiat continues his way bombing with an exercise that should set him a medal, if he recreates it in the final. Shtilov will end his career as an athlete after the Olympics and move on to coach. In the meantime, he will support Dolgofiat, who is supposed to have signed one of the additional medals that are being built here in the Israeli delegation.

The Israelis here in Tokyo have already experienced two surprises. Yesterday was the moment of silence and communion with the martyrs of Munich and yesterday, in contrast, the surprise prepared by Samberg. The Olympic Committee has not yet gone out of its way and continues to remain solid, but breaking the record for medals for one Olympics, which stands at two medals, is already a completely realistic goal and even beyond.

Artium Dolgofiat | Amit Shissel, Olympic Committee of Israel

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