A show as Luca Doncic provided this morning (Monday) at his Olympics debut, really not seen every day. The Slovenian national team star exploded with 48 points (31 of them in the first half) and led his team to a huge 100: 118 over Argentina, equaling the 1976 achievement of Australian Eddie Flovinx. The only one to score more than Doncic at the Olympics was the legendary Oscar Schmidt, who sniped 55 points for Brazil in 1988.

Just like in the best league in the world, Doncic did whatever he pleased, scoring in every way possible and also adding 11 rebounds and 5 assists. “He just eliminated us,” the rival coach admitted Sergio Hernandez“He’s the best player in the world, including the NBA. If I had any doubt, now there is no more. We tried to do everything possible against a normal player, but he’s not a normal player.”

Hernandez added: “I have never seen a player control the game like this, throughout my career, he forced us to change our game plan. It is difficult to analyze things, when a player controls the game this way, we had a planned defense but he killed us with 15 points in two minutes And a half. There is no solution in front of him. ”

While you were sleeping, Luka Doncic just did this in his Olympics debut:

48 PTS
11 REB
6 3PT
18.29 FG

in a 40.minute game. pic.twitter.com/q3AhHcU40f

. StatMuse (statmuse) July 26, 2021

In the United States, they dealt with a comparison between the Slovenian star and the disappointing display of their team, which lost to France in its first game in the tournament. Just for comparison, in the first round in Tokyo 2020 Luca Doncic scored more than Kevin Durant, Damian Lilad, Zac Lavin and Jero Holliday combined. In addition, only in the first half did Doncic score the amount of points the United States scored in the entire second half against France. By the way, 48 is the highest number of points ever for an NBA player in the Olympics.

Luka Doncic scored more points (48) than Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Zach LaVine and Jrue Holiday combined (47). pic.twitter.com/aUa7SQPyns

. StatMuse (statmuse) July 26, 2021

Team USA points scored in the 2nd half vs France: 31.

Luka Doncic points scored in the 1st half vs Argentina: 31. pic.twitter.com/REUR494WRb

– Jake (JakeAndHoops) July 26, 2021

Best scoring marks by NBA players at the Olympic Games

Carmelo Anthony (2012): 37 points
Yao Ming (2004): 39 points
Patrick Mills (2012): 39 points
LUKA DONCIC (2021): 48 points

. HoopsHype (hoopshype) July 26, 2021

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