Gymnastics element was named after an Austrian woman

Great honor for the 21-year-old Alissa Mörz from Burgenland. The jump she showed now bears her name.

The bend-over jump with full rotation to the push-up flexion landing in artistic gymnastics is now called „The Moerz“. As Austria’s gymnastics association announced on Monday Alissa Mörz confirmed by the world association FIG as the inventor of her gymnastics element, which was shown for the first time at a major event. The 21-year-old from Burgenland showed the element at the European Championships in Antalya this year.

“It’s a great honor. In our sport it’s mostly just about medals and placings, but having invented your own element is a really cool achievement with a long-term effect,” said Mörz, her father Michael Morz Between 2005 and 2007 he made twelve appearances in the Austrian national football team.

The FIG published a total of nine newly recognized elements, four for women – including from US star Simone Biles – and five for men.

Before Mörz, four other Austrian gymnasts had made it into the international rankings: Birgit Schier on the uneven bars in 1993, Thomas Zimmermann with a jump over the table in 2001, Marco Baldauf on the horizontal bar in 2015 and Tanja Gratt, whose uneven bars dismount variations subsequently appeared in 2017 assigned to their name.

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