Protects dumped sports manager
There is full trust and support for the sports director, not least from the players, it sounds from Badminton Denmark’s director, shortly after the players have dumped sports director Jens Meibom

Bo Jensen wants to relieve the sports director. Photo: Claus Fisker / Ritzau Scanpix

When you can only give grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, then an average score of 2.14 speaks its clear language.

This is the result of the satisfaction survey for Badminton Denmark’s sports manager, Jens Meibom, which was assessed by the national team players at the National Elite Training Center (NETC). Here, 22 out of 24 players had the answer to 14 questions, and Meibom got a proper blow.

He himself acknowledged that there was something about the talk.

– We agreed that 2021, had been an extraordinarily stressful year due to the corona. We had tournaments 13 weeks in a row and every week there was a new corona protocol. It was a huge hassle, and we were all – players, coaches and myself – max stressed and pressured by it – to be completely honest.

– We have subsequently had a good dialogue with the players about this, so we have taken the criticism to heart and try to make it better, it sounded from Meibom.

Sports director hammered by national team players

Ekstra Bladet would have liked to have interviewed director Bo Jensen, but he did not want to be interviewed, even though he says he is an advocate for openness and transparency.

He has instead chosen to respond in writing.

The director: Full trust and backing for the sports director

Badminton Denmark’s director Bo Jensen makes the following statement.

‘We need to be aware that any well-being survey and score is always a snapshot influenced by current circumstances.

There will always be periods that for all parties in the collaboration are experienced as pressured and stressed, this is implicit in working with an elitist and competitive high performance environment. And especially the fall of 2021 was extraordinarily pressured.

The surveys are an important tool for us, which we are very open and transparent about, but they can never stand alone, which is why we also use the surveys as a starting point for follow-up dialogue with the players and the cooperation committee.

The current survey from December tells me that we must continue to be in close dialogue with the players and the cooperation committee regarding the further development of our elite environment, where the general satisfaction is still very high.

We have thus already discussed several initiatives, in addition to more frequent meetings with the cooperation committee, which i.a. must relieve the sports director in relation to a number of administrative tasks in connection with. especially championships, so that he can focus even more on creating the best possible framework for the players ‘and coaches’ performance.

In addition, it is important for me to emphasize that there is still full trust and support for the sports director, not least from the players at the National Elite Training Center in Brøndby, including the cooperation committee. ‘

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