Zlatko Dalić announces the match against Armenia

The Croatian national football team successfully passed the first of the two last hurdles in the Euro qualifiers. Before the “Vatren” there is still a test against the Armenians (Tuesday, 20:45), who in the last round with a draw against Wales (1-1) pushed us towards a direct placement in Germany.

With the victory, the “fiery” are certainly in the Euro, and depending on the outcome of the match between Wales and Turkey, which has already secured a visa for Germany, we can reach the second position in the group with a draw or even a defeat. However, Zlatko Dalić he must not calculate. We have to go for the win and hope for an outcome in which we win the group in order to have as favorable a draw as possible at the Euros.

– I am happy because of the goal and the assist and even more the victory. We have put ourselves in a situation where we are dependent on ourselves and we can’t wait for the match and victory, we are ready – Lovro Majer, who excelled against Latvia, said in the announcement.

What awaits us against Latvia?

– We don’t think about what kind of game awaits us, we have to be right and we want to, like on Saturday, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Armenia has become a serious, good team and it will not be easy, even though it means nothing to them. It can be a trap because they play without pressing, but I am sure that we will enter like on Saturday and qualify for the Euros.

The atmosphere in the national team?

– We are motivated, as always, and the atmosphere has always been great, even though we lost two games in October. It looked from the outside that it was not good, but we stuck together and knew that we had a great chance, we are on the right track, so we will finish like that tomorrow.

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How satisfied are you with your performance on the right wing?

– I feel great in any position, even on the wing, I have played it in the club recently, and in the national team several times. I’m satisfied in Wolfsburg, we’re in the middle, we’re fighting, we’re not exactly constant, but I’m satisfied, I’m making progress, that’s why I came – concluded Lovro, after which he left the press and went to training.

What kind of atmosphere do you expect at Maksimir?

– It’s a shame that the fans depend on the weather forecast and we’re sorry that it will rain. And for us players, sometimes it’s nicer and easier to play when it’s raining.

Selector, what is the state of health in the national team?

– Pjaca won’t be in the squad, he felt the muscle, he still feels it, we won’t risk it. Juranović and Sučić will be in the squad, they trained without problems, but the risk is to put them in the team right away, it’s a big game and a risk, they will be on the bench. We will not make major changes, there is no need, if minimal, it is for tactical reasons, and not because I am dissatisfied with someone – said Dalić and added:

– We didn’t think we would be in a situation where we have to decide in the last round, but October cost us nerves, cramps, stress… We are ready and full of motivation, we showed that in Latvia when we entered seriously, responsibly, firmly. You have to be patient, not give the opponent a chance, that’s how it was in Split against Russia when it was just a question of when we would score a goal. Unlike then, now the opponent has no chance of placing. In Armenia we had a lot of chances but we didn’t score the second goal. We will be rational, smart, aggressive, compact and just focus on ourselves, we will not look at what is happening in Wales.

Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL

Are you satisfied with the performance of the hitchhiking couple Šutalo-Erlić?

– Both stoppers were good in Latvia, the opponent is not of such quality, and Guardiol played very well for half an hour, so he made a few mistakes. Even if he is not a defender tomorrow, it will only be because of tactics, not because someone was bad.

How do you see Armenians?

– We have become a target for everyone, especially smaller national teams, you want to prove yourself, so will Armenia, which has a good national team, plays differently from Latvia, ten knows a lot, is the creator of the game. We have to start like we did against Latvia and set ourselves up as favorites, not allow the opponent to go out on some counters, that’s why we have to be careful, to have security in the pass, fast flow, turn the side and we will find an empty space. “Desetka” is Zelarajan, he plays with Bilić, but we didn’t call Slaven about that, we know him from before, he is in good shape – concluded the coach.

– The stadium is sold out, the capacity is a little less than 18,000, but 4,000 to 4,500 children will come, so we expect 20,000 to 22,000 people, and from 5 p.m. the fan zone under the west and public viewing – HNS spokesman Tomislav Pacak emphasized at the end .

Photo: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL

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