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Jari Saario says that he has now reached his real discomfort zone.

across the atlantic – a fireman known as a rower Jari Saario happily answers the phone with a laugh on Monday afternoon.

“I just got home from training for the day. Girls [Saarion kaksi tytärtä] they laugh uproariously when I drag with these high heels [harjoituksia kotona].”

The workouts are related to the final broadcast of MTV’s Dance with the Stars program, where Saario dances together Pernilla Böckermanin and Anssi Heikkilä with. The reason for this is that one of the final broadcast’s dances involves a person close to the finalist, and Böckerman invited his indoor rowing coach, i.e. Saario.



Anssi Heikkilä and Pernilla Böckerman are the early favorites for the TTK final.

“I have really and honestly always sworn that I am the worst dancer in the world. I don’t dance at any party when it makes me feel uncomfortable. I do watch dance performances on YouTube, for example,” says Saario.

How did it feel to receive such a call from Böckerman?

“It was an arresting moment. I didn’t think Pernilla was serious because she knows I can’t dance at all. It quickly turned into the fact that this is an insane honor.”

Saario emphasizes that he accepted the tough challenge.

“I am facing a bigger challenge than any Atlantic rowing. There I was in the area that I know and know. Now I’m so far out of my comfort zone. This is a hundred times harder challenge,” says Saario.

“To me, this is exactly the same thing as being handed downhill skis and being told to go jump 150 meters from a flying hill.”

Because Saario is a person who does everything precisely and thoroughly, and that’s how he feels about his dance part, which lasts about a minute.

“Fortunately, I can control it, because I have expenses this week that I can’t cancel. I take these steps even at night. I don’t know what the end result will be, but at least I’m working towards it.”

Saario immediately took step patterns on video during the first exercises and practices them alone at home. There are only six hours of joint exercises.

However, going to the first rehearsals was not easy.

“When I woke up, I started getting excited like crazy. I actually threw up this morning [ennen ensimmäisiä harjoituksia]. I have never vomited from excitement before.”

When Saario got to practice, the excitement started.

“Pernilla and Anssi are such good guys. I had a good feeling during the exercises, even though I went my own way”, says Saario and laughs.

Now Saario believes that he is already enjoying the show.

“During the week, I work to stay even for a moment in the rhythm. I will enjoy myself 100 percent. I’m less afraid of a TV audience of two million than what Pernilla and Anssi think. I think people will understand that I’m not a dancer.”

How about on the other hand: what kind of indoor rower is Böckerman?

“He is my rowing idol. Pernilla’s 500 meters [sisä]rowing was the hardest performance I’ve ever seen. I don’t think anyone will break his lightweight under-23 SE result. I hope that this sky too [valmentaminen] to be continued.”

Dancing with the Stars final broadcast on MTV3 next Sunday at 19:30.

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