Great numbers from the outside duo: Okunuki and Goller inspire the FCN |  Sports

After many years, the club no longer just goes through the middle!

He has been playing since this season 1. FC Nürnberg under new coach Cristian Fiél (43) with two real wingers. And Kanji Okunuki (24) and Benjamin Goller (24) are the main reason why FCN is much more dangerous in terms of goalscoring again.

Together, the wing duo was involved in 13 goals in the first 15 competitive games (Okunuki 4 goals and 2 assists, Goller 3 goals and 4 assists). It’s no wonder that Okunuki is already being watched by Scotland’s top club Celtic Glasgow ( BILD reported).

But there are even more great numbers about the two wing speedsters:

Nobody runs at the club anymore! Okunuki has already covered 117.4 kilometers in 13 second division games, Goller 103.8. Both are also ahead in terms of the number of intensive runs (Goller 847, Okunuki 754).

They are extremely nimble and active! With Nathaniel Brown (20/35.5 km/h), Ahmet Gürleyen (24/35.2) and Jan Gyamerah (28/34.4), Okunuki (34.8) and Goller (34.3) are among the fastest FCN professionals. But: No one else sprinted as often as the Swabian (355 times, sixth highest league value) and the Japanese (301 times).

Both can be evil too! Surprising: The outside duo fouled more often (21 times) than they were fouled themselves (19 times). For offensive players who often dribble, the tackle rate of Okunuki (44.6 percent) and Goller (40.9) is not bad either.

The only drawback: Both still lack efficiency! Only top talent Can Uzun (18/28 shots) shot on goal more often at the club than Okunuki (26) and Goller (21). Based on personal xGoals values ​​(expected goals based on the quality of chances), Okunuki should have scored 1.0 more goals in the league, Goller even 1.6 more.

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