From Stefan Raab to Rangnick: This is the new Rapid trainer Robert Klauß

Klauß presented himself confidently, is only 38 years old, but has experienced a lot: he lost to Stefan Raab, had perfect grades and two famous teachers.

Just like “Beat the Raab“ it shouldn’t work: Robert Klauss then young coach at RB Leipzig, qualified in September 2015 as a competitor Stefan Raab for the entertainer’s popular TV show on Pro7.

Klauß started well in the mix of skill and knowledge games, but then suffered one defeat after another in the fight for a 500,000 euro prize. Stefan Raab clearly prevailed with 73:18 points.

At the Rapid-Casting for the successor of Zoran Barisic As reported by KURIER, Robert Klauß was at the forefront right from the start.

After it was between the Viennese and Enrico Maassen (Ex-Augsburg) there was no agreement, the way was clear for the 38-year-old East German.

It’s a bold choice for a bold coach who stands up for himself presentation As expected, he presented himself confidently, openly and rhetorically on Monday evening.

The new head coach signed one Contract until summer 2026 and will take a fellow countryman with him as a companion. Stefan Kulovits becomes second assistant, junior coach Jürgen Kerber takes over Rapid II.

“The first conversation took place last Monday and I was immediately excited,” says Sports director Markus Katzer about the first head coach he chose.


Even before Klauss’ presentation in Hütteldorf said DFB team boss Julian Nagelsmann at the international PK: “Robert is a coach who grew up in the Red Bull cosmos and will certainly bring this idea to Rapid. He’s brave and tries things.”

On Tuesday, from 2:30 p.m., for the first time in training for the debut on Sunday against BW Linz.

Klauß’s coaching career began at RB Leipzig while he was still working as a striker in amateur football. He went up through the youth ranks (with a certain Nicolas Kühn as a top talent) and went down as an assistant coach Ralf Rangnick (52 games) and Nagelsmann (45).

2018 was the young father Best of the year in the DFB football teacher course (average grade 1.0). “You can leave that out as a description,” he said unpretentiously. But it helped, um Nuremberg coach to become.

At the traditional club we worked with two ex-Rapiders: substitute goalkeeper Andreas Lukse and video analyst Maurizio Zoccola. After 28 months and an average points score of 1.35, the second division team ended in October 2022.

A system mix

Klauss describes his style as “good mix of ball possession and tempo attacks“. In any case, he doesn’t want to rely on the RB-typical switching moments. The system is based on a chain of four. Nuremberg played usually with two strikers.

Good start

In Hütteldorf, Klauß presents himself openly, well prepared and somewhat trying to downplay his Red Bull past: “I know this is a sensitive topic and I understand that not everything from the Red Bull cosmos is approved. I’ve been away for three and a half years now. With me There is more to it in terms of content and people as ‘a pure RB coach’.”

The third German in the west of Vienna is certainly different from his Predecessors of Matthew and Büskens. Klauss is considered in the scene Tactics expert. “I look at data, especially the statistics, which are important to the way we read the game.”

A PK caused a stir when a journalist said he couldn’t see a plan. Klauß responded with a precise analysis of tactics and lots of technical terms: “The plan was there, but the implementation didn’t work out.” For example, the “asymmetrical left-backs“ in a 3-4-3 formation.

That sounds complex, but it is exactly what Rapid have tried to do on the right in recent weeks with defender Kasanwirjo moving in – only Barisic would never have described it that way.

“Small changes”

Klauß also agreed because “there is an intact team, there is a lot to build on.”

He assures us: “I don’t want to throw anything overboard. There will only be small changes until winter anyway. Then two or three adaptations.” Without major squad restructuring: “I’m not one to call for reinforcements.”

Image question

Klauss knows what he is image widespread in Germany as “smart guys”: “We as young coaches also have to be unpretentious and not think that we are reinventing football.” There is nothing to be invented at Rapid for the time being. The many chances “just” have to result in enough points.

In Hütteldorf, Klauß started publicly on his first day of work as an uncomplicated trainer who wanted to help with his expertise.

The most important goal for this: “More consistency. When scoring goals and defending at different heights.”

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