Third in Oslo: ÖSV ace Kraft confidently jumps to Raw Air victory

Stefan Kraft finished the Raw Air Tour in Norway with a superb Körberlgeld: in the final competition on Sunday, the Pongauer finished third behind Norwegian Daniel-André Tande and Slovenian Anze Lanisek, 4.3 points behind the winner.

At Oslo’s Holmenkollen, the winner was ecstatically greeted by fans and colleagues: it was Daniel-André Tande’s first victory almost a year after a serious fall while skiing in Planica, Slovenia, which required the 28-year-old to spend several days in an artificial coma.

It was the ideal day.

Kraft clinched the overall triumph in the Raw Air Tour for the second time after 2017, for which he will receive an additional 35,000 euros in addition to the standard prize money. “Overall success is fantastic; it’s another another beautiful day for me,” Kraft added. “I had five fantastic days in Norway, where I demonstrated stable jumps.” You hope for a flow like that as an athlete, and now I can let it run.” “However, I must not get careless.”

Daniel Huber finished ninth, Ulrich Wohlmentioned finished 13th, and Jan Hörl finished 14th. Meanwhile, Manuel Fettner’s guesswork continued: 15th place on Saturday was followed by 16th position on Sunday. On the usual hill in Zhangjiakou, the 36-year-old Tyrolean Olympic silver medalist stated, “I don’t know why it is at the moment.”

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