Klopp: City would be champions in February without Liverpool

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp said today that, if it were not for his team, Manchester City would have won the Premier League title in February. In the last four seasons, City and Liverpool have won championship titles, and this season they are the main competitors. The Manchester team is first with 69 points, and the “reds” have six points less, but also a game less. Third-placed Chelsea has 53 points.

Only once in the last four seasons, the champion won less than 98 points.

“This is the strongest league in the world, no doubt. It’s a challenge and we actually enjoy it. If we weren’t here this season or if we hadn’t been here two years or three years ago, then City would have been champions in February. “If City were not there, I think we would have a good chance of being champions,” said Klopp, according to Sky.

City coach Pep Guardiola recently said that Liverpool is the “strongest opponent” against whom he played as a coach, and Klopp said the same about City.

I can say the same. I can say that City is the strongest opponent I have, but I should not forget that I played against Pep and (in Germany) against Bayern and I can’t say that it was much easier. But I know “What he means. We have been pushing each other to insane levels in recent years, with the number of points we are winning,” he said.

“Last year we did not manage to deal with it for obvious reasons, but we have been there for other years. There are still many games to play, we will see where we will end up,” the German coach added.

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