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The longtime Superliga coach Ove Christensen regrets today that during a famous live interview he lost his temper and longed for the reporter

When Ove C. longed for the Onside reporter.

– Whoa, whoa, whoa … why do you have to hit?

It is one of the most talked about interviews in Danish football. The interview, where the then Randers coach Ove Christensen on top of a defeat turned on an Onside journalist and hit him on the shoulder.

But even though we have to go 11 years back in time, it is still an episode that Ove Christensen regrets to this day.

He tells this in Monday’s edition of the Radio4 program ‘Developed’.

– Let me say right away. Now we do not have to sit and polish our own halo – and I do not have to. I have also made things that I regret and I regret them immediately seconds after it has happened. That’s how it is, says the long-time Superliga coach, after the famous interview from 2011 was played in the studio.

– It was mega stupid, and that’s how it is.

It was after a 0-4 defeat to Brøndby that Onside reporter Rasmus Lund wanted to know whether the head coach himself could decide to resign if he was not fired.

And that got Ove Christensen all the way up in the red box.

Ove Christensen was head coach of Randers FC from 2009 to 2011. Photo: Claus Bonnerup / POLFOTO

– You damn well can not demand that I continue to answer your stupid questions, he said, before shortly after he hit the reporter on the shoulder and ironically said ‘well done’.

– I gave you a pat on the back because I think it was well done, it sounded squeaky from Ove Christensen, who subsequently left the interview.

Throughout the years, Ove Christensen has maintained that it was not a blow – but a pat on the shoulder.

But even though the famous episode is still in the body of the former Superliga coach, it does not prevent him from also sending a suppository to especially the young journalists.

– I still sit to this day and bend my toes when I hear some of the young people being sent out. Then they have prepared three questions, and when they have fired the first question, where questions two and three are also answered, they continue anyway.

He explains that a situation like this is an example of how emotions can run off with one when one has to keep relating to something while being sad and disappointed.

– It is an expression that you feel that it is not really completely fair, and that you yourself are a little sad. And can that journalist not understand at all that it’s time to stop? There are some things that I am definitely not proud of, but that’s how it is, and then you have to do it well again in another way.

71-year-old Ove Christensen, who has previously also headed clubs such as Viborg, AGF and Vejle, is today employed as Head of Scouting in the 1st division club Vendsyssel.

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