Euroleague basketball: Red Star beat Real Madrid in Belgrade

The Red Star basketball players won tonight in Belgrade Real Madrid with 65:62 (16:15, 19:13, 8:14, 22:20), in the remaining match of the 20th round of the Euroleague.

The most fixed with Zvezda were Dejan Davidovac and Nikola Ivanović with 13 points each and Nate Walters with 12 points. Ognjen Dobrić scored nine points, and Nikola Kalinić eight points.

At Real, the best was Sergio Lluj with 20 points, followed by Walter Tavares with 11 points and 11 rebounds.

The red and whites entered the match with a lot of energy. They played solidly in defense, which Real tried to solve with shots from a distance, but he was not overly successful. Zvezda did not manage to valorize a good game in defense in the attack, so they finished the first section with a point advantage of 16:15.

In the second quarter, Zvezda continued with a good game in defense, but unlike in the first quarter, they managed to transfer a good game to the attack phase and left at halftime with a seven-point advantage of 35:28.

The star managed to transfer good energy in the continuation. In the middle of the third section, the red and whites reached the maximum plus eight. Then they stopped in the attack and allowed Real to fully return to the match and in the last section they entered with a point advantage for Zvezda 43:42.

In the last section, Zvezda managed to keep the strength and energy they had during the entire match. Real did not manage to evaporate to Zvezda and find an answer to the excellent defense of the red and whites. Despite a few minutes of idleness in the attack, Zvezda managed to take advantage of Real’s bad game in the attack and reached the victory 65:62.

The star is in the ninth place on the table with almost 10 victories and 12 defeats. Real is in second place with 16 wins and six losses.

In the next round, Zvezda will meet Maccabi, and Real will host Milan.

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