Due to sanctions against Abramovich, the sale of Chelsea is uncertain

The British government imposed sanctions today on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, who will now have problems selling the football club.

The British government froze the property of seven rich Russians, including Abramovich, due to ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The government has issued a “special permit” to ensure that Chelsea can continue to play matches and that staff can be paid. But the club will not be able to sell new tickets to fans or sell branded goods.

“It is about depriving Abramovic of the benefits of his ownership of the club. I know this brings some uncertainty, but the government will work with the league and clubs to continue playing football, while ensuring that sanctions hit those for whom they are intended. Football clubs are cultural assets. and the foundation of our communities. We are committed to protecting them, “Secretary of State Nadine Doris said on Twitter.

Abramovich’s property was frozen, he was banned from transactions with individuals and companies in the United Kingdom and banned from traveling. Because of those sanctions, there is doubt whether he will be able to sell Chelsea.

He announced on March 2 that he was selling the club, after great pressure to do so due to his alleged ties to Putin, in the midst of Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

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