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When all value competitions adopt the same policy, the perplexing practice will vanish.

According to the AFP news agency, tennis Grand Slam tournament settlement methods are becoming more uniform.

Starting this year, all four major tournaments – Australia, France, Wimbledon, and the US Open – will decide the third and fifth rounds for women and men in a ten-point playoff game.

So far, the practices for each of the four events have been slightly different.

The now-common approach was already in use in Australia, but the US Open has been played using a playoff game that finishes when seven points are won for nearly 50 years.

The cut-off game was not utilized in the solution batch at the French Open, but it is now a widely accepted model.

The 2019 Wimbledon men’s singles final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic ended 12-12 in the fifth set of the playoffs, with Djokovic claiming the title. In the fifth round of the 8-7, Federer had as many as two match balls.

The fifth round of Djokovic and Federer’s final lasted over two hours, yet the playoffs were won by seven points.

Even at Wimbledon, the decision rounds will end after a 6-6 tie in the playoffs, which will be played for ten points, starting this summer.

“The Grand Slams Government is pleased to announce that the matches will be decided by a unanimous decision at 6-6 with a ten-point tiebreak.” The decision is intended to promote togetherness, according to the grand slam government.

Until three years ago, the settlement tiebreak had never been employed outside of the US Open.

After 2010, when the United States’ John Isner overcame France’s Nicholas Mahut’n in the fifth set 70-68 and the match was split over three days and lasted more than 11 hours, pressures to change settlement items began in earnest.

The tiebreak will be played to seven points won by a difference of two points in all rounds, however in prior rounds, the tiebreak will be played to six points won by a difference of two points.

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