Jukuri’s dream of winning the regular season in the puck league was hit hard – Sports

TPS earned points from Mikkeli with Karejev’s fights and Pyyhtiä with two goals.

Mikkeli The chance for Jukuri to aim for second place or even victory in the Ice Hockey League regular season got hit on Wednesday.

Jukurit lost 1–3 at home to Turku Palloseura when the goalkeeper Andrei Karejev played a great match toned by 35 fights.

Reached to the left of the number one chain Mikael Wipe settled the match with two goals. He took the TPS to a 2-1 lead in 47.53 when the puck he sent in was pushed in from the top front corner.

Jukuri’s goalkeeper Oskari Salminen would fight off nearly ten out of ten of the corresponding discs, but not just that.

Pyyhtiä threw his second goal with a relaxed shot to Jukuri’s empty goal 16 seconds before the end.

“It wasn’t one of the best games for us, but we fought well and the places were scored,” Pyyhtä said in an interview with C More.

Pyyhtää has only been playing for a short time in TPS’s number one game, but the result has come.

“Everyone is playing on the same page, so to speak,” he said.

Slovak striker Juraj Slafkovský scored by TPS with a sharp shot in front of the goal. It was from those places that he quilted goals at the Beijing Olympics.

The match between Mikkeli and Beijing had little else in common. Slafkovský only got playing time at 11.05 and didn’t really look like the Olympic goal scorer or the player who was awarded the best player in the tournament.

Peter Palm struck a leveling-up between Karejev’s legs to 1-1, but at no point did the Yukur crackle Karejev’s struggles.

The jurors would have had a great opportunity to chase after Ilves when Ilves lost to the Pelicans 0–3 in Lahti. Although Ilves lost, it remains in second place in the League.

Poleaxe grabbed the host’s grip on the regular season pole position when he applied for a 1–0 away victory from Oulu as a guest of the Fly.

Just over 40 minutes had been played when Valtteri Merelä succeeded. That was enough, and Tappara’s Score Average increased.

Companion legend Ville Nieminen A 20-year-old boy Viljami Nieminen debuted in the Tappara quadruple chain at number 17, STT said.

“Pretty good,” Merelä said to STT about Viljami Niemi and Oskari Luotoawho was only playing his second league game.

KooKoo v Sport ended 2-3 times after winning shots.

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