After the dizzying success in Tokyo and the historic gold medal he brought to Israel in gymnastics, Artium Dolgofiat will deepen and expand his professional ability to compete for more than one medal in Paris 2024.

Here in Tokyo, too, Dolgofiat tried to reach the final on the nearby horse, but he did not do enough quality exercise in the qualifiers and was left with only the ground final. In the next three years, the fresh gold medalist intends to train and compete in other devices besides the ground he won today at the Olympics, so that he can compete on each device individually and in a great battle.

Dolgofiat coach Sergei Weisburg said here tonight (Sunday) that he estimates that the Olympic champion on the ground apparatus will in three years to be able to compete in Paris with other instruments and also in them to fight for a place in the finals and even for medals. “The range for improvement at Artium is great. He can advance in more devices and be one of the best there is,” said Weisburg, who will continue to coach Dolgofiat on the Israeli team.

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