Stanojevic: We were more competitive in the return match, I am satisfied with the season in Europe

Partizan football coach Aleksandar Stanojevic said that his team did its best tonight against Feyenoord, that it was competitive in the return match of the eighth finals of the League of Conferences, and he expressed satisfaction with what was achieved in Europe this season.

“Feyenoord was better in two games than us, he showed that on the field. We were competitive today and a shade better than in the first game. We had a situation to equalize, we were looking for at least a draw. Later, younger players came in who couldn’t “Congratulations to the boys, they did their best, today they were worthy of the jerseys they wear. Let’s move on, this was a beautiful episode in Europe for all of us,” Stanojevic said at a press conference.

Tonight, the Partizan football players finished their participation in the eighth finals of the League of Conferences, as they lost to Feyenoord 1: 3 in the return match in Rotterdam. In the first game in Belgrade, the Dutch team won 5: 2.
“This match was certainly more competitive. This time we were closer and more competitive. We finished the mission, the 16th match in Europe, now we are turning to the championship, we are turning all our energy towards that,” Stanojevic stated.

He said he was pleased with the team’s performance this season in the Conference League.

“I am very satisfied with Europe this year, we played 16 games, the eighth finals. The only thing I would change is the opponent, Feyenoord is really strong. We played in front of our fans, we led twice, at one point it was all lost. Feyenrod’s quality is great “And that is the reason, not so much as our game is worse at times. Of course, if we are satisfied with what we have done in Europe, we could not change anything,” he said.

“We had certain personnel problems in the first and second games. We can be satisfied with how the guys looked today, competitive at every moment of the game,” the black and white coach added.

Partizan captain Lazar Markovic said that the winner of the duel was decided by a duel in Belgrade.

“In the first game we failed to make a better result. We came here to fight for this coat of arms. We are proud to be in Partizan and to have reached this point. The first game in Belgrade decided the course, congratulations to Feyenoord, I wish them all the best “, he stated.

Markovic had a chance to equalize in the 69th minute, but he sent the ball over the goal.

“It was close, I was aiming to go into the goal, I missed what was there. Thank you to the fans who came and who support us. This is a great success for us and for Partizan. I am proud to be part of this team,” he said. is Markovic.

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