Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) of Spain has stated that the new Formula One regulations would make the competition “fairer” and provide all drivers more “equal opportunity,” and that he wants to “battle for top places” this weekend at the Bahrain Grand Prix, the championship’s first round.

“I believe it is more equitable. The only disadvantage is that in races where only one or two stops are possible, everyone will likely choose a harder compound. As a result, finishing with only one stop will be easier because you have the option of starting with the medium “Prior to the Bahrain Grand Prix, he stated at an official news conference.

In this regard, he noted that they can even begin “with a media that has never been used.” “That is the only disadvantage. But I’m glad since it’s much more equitable for everyone to begin a profession on an equal footing “She was agitated.

The Spaniard expressed his “pretty confident” attitude about the season. He stated, “The tests have gone nicely for us.” “The goal this weekend is to do well in the first race and contend for the top positions,” he stated.

Finally, Sainz refused to discuss what happened at last season’s final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen won the championship (Red Bull). “We’re in March 2022, and we’re still dealing with the events of December 2021. We must leave it behind and consider how to improve similar circumstances in the future “He came to a conclusion.

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