Slamvit in Ayulin.Teferi became today (Monday) the first Israeli to appear in an Olympic final in the running professions since Esther Roth Shakharov. Bayulin.Teferi finished the 5,000.meter dash final in Tokyo 2020 in tenth place, in a time of 14: 54.39 minutes.

The opening was relatively slow for all runners, with the Israeli finishing the first 1,000 meters in ninth place, after 2,000 meters she rose to eighth place, after 3,000 meters she was ranked seventh and after 4,000 she dropped back to eighth place.

The gold medal was won by the 2019 world champion, the wonderful Sipan Hassan, who herself was born in Ethiopia but represents the Netherlands, and crossed the finish line with a result of 14: 36.79 minutes, after a wonderful sprint towards the end. For Hassan, this is the first gold medal at the Olympics, perhaps the first of three in Tokyo: in the future, she will also compete in the 1,500 and 10,000 meters.

Slamvit in Ayulin.Teferi | Amit Shissel, Olympic Committee of Israel

Second came the Kenyan Helen Obiri in a time of 14: 38.36 minutes and the bronze medal was won by the Ethiopian Tsagai Godaf after crossing the line with a result of 14: 38.87 minutes.

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