The Danish handball masters defeated Spain on Saturday in Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning with 28 – 25 in the Golden League.

Thus, the Danes got a little revenge for the semifinal defeat at the European Championships two months ago.

From the bench, national coach Nikolaj Jacobsen could see the Danish hosts get an excellent start, as they managed to keep the Spaniards from scoring in the first ten minutes.

Spain had a hard time getting the line game to work, and Denmark took the lead with 3-0.

Inside the goal, Kevin Møller did excellent for Denmark, and the goalkeeper was a contributing factor to a strong Danish start.

However, the Spaniards managed to solve the problems, and inside the line, Abel Guntin began to send the balls into goal. The guests fought up to 4-4 and 5-5, before the Danes again hit a hole.

Towards the break, the Danes got to 14-11, but a Spanish final sprint meant that the score was 15-14 to Denmark before the last 30 minutes.

Denmark, which for the Golden League is without profiles such as Mathias Gidsel, Mikkel Hansen, Magnus Landin and Niklas Landin, maintained a narrow lead of one to two goals at the beginning of the second half.

After just 42 minutes, Spain equalized to 19-19 on a penalty throw, but two goals from Magnus Saugstrup brought the home team to 21-19. With ten minutes left, it was again quite right at the position 23-23.

In general, Saugstrup entered character after the break, and he also scored to 25-24 and 26-24 at a time when the Spaniards had otherwise been close to bringing themselves in front.

The spectators in the Boxen voted in, and when the victory a little later became a reality, the cheers broke loose once again.

Denmark opened the Golden League on Thursday with a 37-21 victory over Norway. On Sunday, France awaits in the final match.

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