With the return to Israel of the judo team from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the coach of the women’s team, Two Hershko, Was interviewed on 103FM and commented on the team team medal, the reviews after the failure in the individual competitions, and the plans for the next Olympic campaign.

The girls traveled without expectations and gave beautiful views: “Saying ‘you traveled without expectations’ means your expectations. I do not work in the media, I deal with my professional part, my expectations. It is not due to arrogance and arrogance. If we came every morning to train and the expectations were as you described, I could not be a coach Judo. We come every morning, I do not care about the positions, every morning the girls come to train in order to stand the highest on the podium. It may sound impossible to some people, or not in their expectations, but does not work according to people’s expectations. Our expectations are always “Our highest and our biggest disappointments, that’s why we get up every morning. If it wasn’t for the girls’ drive, there is no way they could have given a performance that was higher than their rating.”

Take into account that you can lose: “When someone has high expectations and is involved in professional sports, he knows that you can also lose. You do not always win when you are at your peak and do not always lose when you are not at your peak. Sports is not an insurance company, when my expectations are to reach the podium it does not mean I do not take into account I will not succeed, as a coach this is my drive. “

Initial poetry stunned everyone: “It may sound strange, but I do not deal with it. I deal with battle after battle, that poetry will give its best performance. When that happens I am happy, and after a second I think of the next battle, and the same thing when she loses. You have to understand that, head. “Mine does not work like yours. I am a judo coach for girls who give their lives, no one does it for money or publicity, they do it to be successful.”

Initial poetry | JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images

Disappointment that did not reach the podium in the individual competitions: “Obviously I was disappointed. I get up every morning to win a gold medal. I was disappointed as a coach, not the athletes. There are two teams, or two athletes, there is no other way, someone has to lose and someone to win. Wisdom is not on one side, preparation is not on one side, sometimes Two great athletes come up, give the battle of their lives but someone has to lose. It does not just come down to a win or a loss. The girls team was physically and tactically ready. The ability to maximize their potential in my estimation was excellent. Failure, I’m not doing it. “

The reviews of the athletes: “Think four times before you say anything about an athlete. Get down on chairmen, get down on everyone, but give athletes the respect even if they fail sometimes. Test the ability of an industry not just in one aspect, not just in the medal dimension. Team competition has proven the It’s. We came to Tokyo with 12 athletes, you have about 10-12 countries that came with 12 athletes. 11 countries came to the group competition, except for the refugee team which is a bonus from the World Union. 11 countries came as a result of their professional ability, with depth that both women and men Take the Georgia and Azerbaijan team, crazy teams with zero to zero in women, they did not reach my team. There are also countries that are amazing in women and nothing in men. You come ready with great spotters and losers because the opponent in front of them can beat them. There’s nothing to do, it’s a sport, not only do you come ready. Until the last second.There are two Spotters who came one fight from a medal and in their ranking they were not a buzz And medals in general. Three more came in seventh place. We do not like it, we want medals, but take it and say the team came unprepared… “

Israel’s judo team with bronze medals | Harry How/Getty Images

Expectations in the individual competitions led to questions: “Disappointed that we did not return with a personal medal. It’s okay, these are our expectations, Djokovic and Osaka also lost, it can happen. But calm down, wait after the competition at least. I say the medal in my team is much more prestigious than a personal medal shows depth and power. This is a competition where you have to bring in a team that is relatively strong, both men and women, if you are strong in just one of them it does not help you. There is an excellent women’s team. I am not in the spirit of the personal. It can happen. There is amazing judo here, we have a crazy assessment in the world. I left at home an athlete who is ranked third in the world and third in the European Championship (Geffen Primo). “Europe. What industry in Israeli sports do you have it in?”

The girls continue to Paris 2024? “I think most of them. By Wednesday we had already scheduled personal conversations. I do not know but I hope. It is ultimately their decision, because it is an industry that you do not understand what physical efforts and pains have to deal with. I very much hope they continue because it is an imaginary team, but We’ll wait a bit. We have a lot of young athletes. We have an amazing future generation in the women’s team, who will probably also continue to produce expectations for you. We will do everything to successfully meet the expectations. I just ask and beg, there is an athlete at the end, in judo they give life Day, and they can lose. “

The reviews during the competition week: “I’m angry that professionals, including from the Olympic Committee, generally talk about the entire judo team as one piece, even before the competition is over. Every day there is a publicity stating how many of them are not fighting. “Are you the first to perform Lee Kochman in person? That’s why we raise expectations, because we know that if you raise the expectations, you can come on a given day and lose, but you can also make a day like initial singing. That’s our motto.”

Timna Nelson Levy, Shani Hershko
Timna Nelson Levy, Shani Hershko | Amit Shissel, Olympic Committee of Israel

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