Belarusian athlete Kriscina Cimanuska has been granted a humanitarian visa for Poland, wrote the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of that country, Marcin Pszydac, on his Twitter profile.
“Kristina Cimanuska, a Belarusian athlete, is in direct contact with Polish diplomats in Tokyo. She has been granted a humanitarian visa. Poland will do everything necessary to help her continue her sports career,” Psidac wrote.

Earlier today, the AP reported that Cimanuska plans to seek asylum in Poland, after claiming that the officials of the Olympic Committee of Belarus tried to forcibly return her home from the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

According to the representatives of the Foundation for Sports Solidarity of Belarus, Vadim Krivosheev, Cimanuska requested a visa at the Polish embassy in Tokyo, and the plane ticket to Warsaw was reserved for August 4.

Cimanuska, who was supposed to take part in the 200-meter race on Monday, criticized the officials of the Belarusian Olympic team on her Instagram profile.

She stated, among other things, that she was included in the 4×400 meters relay, although she has never participated in that discipline so far.

Before the disputed flight, she called the Japanese police, who helped her not to board the plane that was supposed to return her to Belarus.

Poland and the Czech Republic have offered assistance, and Japan’s foreign ministry said it is in contact with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as well as the organizers of the Tokyo Games.

The IOC, which is in dispute with the Olympic Committee of Belarus, announced that it intervened and asked for a way out of the situation, as well as clarification.

The Belarusian Olympic Committee has been led by President Alexander Lukashenko and his son Viktor for 25 years.

Both were banned by the IOC from attending the Tokyo Olympics.

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