In the shadow of the post published this morning (Tuesday) by Jonathan Cohen and the opening of the stuttering season, Maccabi Tel Aviv inaugurated its new store under Gate 12 at Bloomfield Stadium. The store presented the new uniforms of the group and you can find all the official products and merchandise. The team players came to the event in full force, including Yonatan Cohen.

Sharon is innocent The club’s general manager referred to the Jonathan Cohen saga and said: “As far as we are concerned, there is no saga. There is a player who is a Maccabi Tel Aviv player who has signed for another three seasons. Of course we saw what he wrote today the less we connected to it and the more true that the discourse will be an internal discourse between us and him and that is how we will treat him. We will find a way to resolve this issue and that is why I was less connected to the way he chose to say things. “

“We think Yonatan Cohen is a talented player who grew up in Maccabi and is a professional and is a player who has a contract for another three years. There are three parties who want to close the deal but at the moment that is not the case. We are on a day when I will not let anything affect.”

Jonathan Cohen | Maor Alexelsi

On the fair play she said innocent: “We had an agreement with UEFA, the agreement ended and Maccabi kept it, we did not officially receive the news but are currently being run like any other club regarding fair play. Regarding the feeling of the fans and the pressure around the issue of procurement, I want to calm down and put things in proportion, Maccabi Tel Aviv is a great system that succeeds over the years, everyone who has language has experience. “

Innocent She concluded: “Owner Mitch Goldhaar is very committed, we understand the situation, everyone knows the positions that need to be strengthened and committed to it happening, but at the same time want to say, we have excellent staff and players, but obviously want and need to be strengthened. This is not the first summer. “A lot of traffic but it will end properly. We want to bring the right players to the right positions and not just bring, everything is known and clear, we have to work and that is what will happen.”

Sharon is innocent | Maccabi Tel Aviv

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