Swedish athlete Armand Duplantis won a pole vault gold medal today at the Tokyo Olympics.

Duplantis won with a result of six meters and two centimeters. The world record holder never broke the bar at heights of 5.80, 5.90, 5.97 and 6.02 meters.

Duplantis tried to set a world record at 6.19 meters today, but was unsuccessful in all three attempts.

The silver medal was won by the American Christopher Nielsen with a personal record of 5.97 centimeters, and once he broke the bar at the heights of 5.80 and 5.92 meters.

Brazilian Thiago Bras won bronze with a result of 5.87 meters.

Frenchman Reno Lavileni took the eighth place with the result of 5.70 meters. He jumped that height in the first attempt, once he broke the bar at 5.87 meters, and twice at 5.92.

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