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The young Spanish skater Julia Benedetti said goodbye this Wednesday in her historic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, failing to overcome the qualification to the final in three rounds in which she went to the ground.

The 16-year-old Galician, who competed in the ‘park’ mode, failed to realize her potential in Aomi Park, in three rounds that she choked, forced to take risks. Benedetti had the first one already in his hand, with a good succession of tricks and with confidence.

However, in the last seconds he tried a Frontside 360 ​​with which he fell to the ground, and that left him a low score of 27.76. The Spanish needed to improve and at least 34.06 to be among the top eight, but failed under the pressure of a good exercise.

In the second round, a few minutes after the first and with the Gipsy Kings ringing, Benedetti also went to the ground trying another Frontside 369 revert, and was left with a score of 27.50, provisionally eleventh.

The Galician took a risk in the last one, at high speed in her ‘skate’ and in the first seconds she lost control of her board in a jump to finish 16th. Benedetti, who was the first Spanish woman in history to qualify for a Games at the Olympic premiere of ‘skateboarding’, said goodbye to Tokyo with a bitter taste.

After the elimination of Andrea Benítez last week, in the ‘street’ mode, this Thursday it will be the turn of the Spanish Danny León and Jaime Mateu, in the men’s qualification of the ‘park’.

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