Israel will not win a medal in horse jumping. Ashley Bond, who became for the first time in the history of the Israeli delegation at the Olympic Games taking part in the cycling industry at the Olympics, finished the final in 11th place, and did not advance to the decisive medal round.

Bond finished the track in a time of 88.02 seconds with 5 negative points, and failed to screw between the 6 leaders who advanced to a decisive round after which the medals will be awarded.

Bond, the 36.year.old American.Israeli, finished the qualifying round with a time of 82.01 and no penalties, which placed her in third place. 30 contestants took part in the final.

Ashley Bond | Amit Shissel, Olympic Committee of Israel

Teddy and Luke and Alberto Mashen, two other representatives of Israel, finished their way in the qualifiers and will not take part in the final.

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