“They would have done the same if they beat their direct rival 4.0”

After the festivities that took place last Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu on the occasion of the stunning culé triumph at the ‘Classic’ garter belt, FC Barcelona midfielder Pedri promised that Real Madrid players “would have done the same if they won their direct opponent 4-0.”

“On the one hand, I get it, but on the other hand, I don’t. I believe they would have acted similarly. You’re going to rejoice like this if you beat your direct adversary 4-0 because you get a lot of delight when you play a game like that “In statements to the Cadena Cope program ‘El Partidazo,’ the culé player said.

Pedri, who is having a fantastic season with FC Barcelona, admitted that he is “extremely happy.” “At the moment, I can’t complain; things are going as well as they could have gone (…) the Bernabéu encounter was an unforgettable match, but now we’re in the national team, and we’re all a team,” the Canarian remarked, avoiding the word ‘classic’ once more.

“In here, we all look at each other the same way and laugh the same way. There is only one Real Madrid player here (Carvajal), and we have no reservations about it. We’re a team, and we want to win as a unit “Pedri, who will be wearing number 10 in this announcement, noted. “They gave me an option of a handful of numbers, and I chose it because it’s a number that I enjoy and that key individuals like Cesc Fábregas, who is a fantastic player, have worn. The number 8 is my favorite because it was worn by Andrés Iniesta, but Koke is wearing it now, and you have to respect seniority “He made a point about it.

Luis Enrique stated that he prepares “crazy” training sessions after using a 500-inch screen at the foot of the pitch. “Unai Simón told me the screen was there yesterday, but I said I hadn’t seen anything… And it’s fantastic because if you make a mistake, he immediately displays it on the screen, allowing you to improve significantly “He made a comment. regarding their rectification mechanisms

“What exactly do you want from me? In the European Championship, which is when I spent the most time with him, he asked me to play between the lines, to assist behind the lines, so that when the pressure is on, you are one of the first to run. It demonstrates (…) I usually try to remain calm; I haven’t had much experience with people telling me things when I fail “Added he.

“Losing and losing the ball on the soccer field concerns me a lot,” admitted the 19-year-old athlete, who aspires to be a “reference for young people.” Pedri noted that he is under contract with Barça until June 30, 2026, with a 1,000 million euro buyout clause.

Tegueste is unmistakable when it comes to the Spanish team’s approach. “It has to be the touch football that those who have played in the national team have done,” he stated, “since that is what led us to win trophies and what we should do.”


Pedri was also questioned about the cadet exam he completed with Real Madrid. “I’ve never met the person who told me no, and I have no idea who he is. I’d tell him that I’m having a great time in Barcelona right now.”

“I went there and couldn’t workout for the first several days since the fields were covered in snow. I worked out for three days. They took me down with the B to train and then told me that I didn’t have the level to be there and that they were leaving me to continue looking. I’m finally where I want to be “Pedri added.

“At first, you don’t appreciate being rejected anyplace,” the Blaugrana player explained, “but it inspires you to think that if they didn’t want you, now you’re going to work so that something else can come along in the future.”

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