Today, the women’s basketball team of Serbia did not manage to place in the finals of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, as they lost in the semifinals to the current champion of the USA selection with 59:79 (12:25, 11:16, 16:17, 20:21). The most efficient team in Serbia with 15 points was Yvonne Anderson. Maja Škorić scored nine points, Dajana Butulija eight, and Saša Čadjo six points.

In the USA team, Britney Greiner was the most efficient with 15 points and 12 rebounds, Chelsea Gray scored 14 points, and Brianna Stewart scored 12 points and 10 rebounds.

The Serbian basketball players played well in defense for most of the first half, but the shot from the game was very weak (28 percent), so the Americans left at halftime with, until then, a maximum advantage of 18 points.

In the middle of the first section, the Americans had a plus seven, and at the end of that part of the game, they reached the first double-digit lead 8:19. After four tied points by Stewart, the Americans completed the series 8: 0 for a big 8:23, and then went to the first break with a 13-point surplus on their account.

After nine misses, the current European champion, Serbia, scored the first three in the game through Chadjo at the beginning of the second quarter, but nothing has changed on the field. The Americans controlled the game, with a series of 7: 0 they reached plus 18 (21:39), and they had the same advantage at half time.

The current Olympic champions increased the advantage in the third section, which at one point amounted to 25 points, after the basket of Su Bird.

In the last section, Serbia scored the first basket four and a half before the end. Marina Maljković’s team fought, but did not have a solution for the game of the American team, which won Olympic gold from Barcelona in 1992.

France and Japan play in the second semifinal.

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