Serbian water polo player Andrija Prlainović stated today, after the placement in the finals of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, that they remained collected, believed in themselves and in the end achieved a great victory against Spain, which is why they are going to the finals with a smile.

“Thank God and the guys for enduring in the pool, this area was … Couldn’t have written a better script really. We have a day ahead of us to rest and analyze the Greeks well. They played a great tournament, but after a victory like this I believe that we will ask ourselves more about the gold medal “, said Prlainović for the Radio-Television of Serbia.

Serbia came to victory over Spain (10: 9) 26 seconds before the end, and water polo player Strahinja Rasovic estimated that they were saved by the team spirit.

“The fact that we believed, came back from the minus, I will not comment on any external factors. We played until the very end, held on as a team, won and entered the finals of the Olympic Games. That is the most important thing,” Rasovic pointed out.

Water polo player Filip Filipović stated that they really showed the team spirit and the soul of the team, as if “Serbian spite should not be played with”.

“What we showed tonight, and that is really the team spirit, we showed the soul of the team and we showed that we should not play with Serbian spite. Imagine what it is like when 20,000 people support Novak Djokovic. I hope that these Spaniards honestly did not watch it. and I’m glad about that, “Filipovic said.

According to him, that stubbornness is best seen when “everyone is against you”.

“We were guided by that, we believed in the team and in the victory. Thank you to Serbia for believing in us until the end. We have another game until the end, we have to forget this one as soon as possible, because I don’t think we came here to play only the finals. “, said Filipovic.

The selection of Serbia will defend the Olympic gold medal, and the match against Greece is on the program on Sunday at 9.30.

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