“Eugene’s is an excellent track, I can’t wait to get back into the race, it will be for me to reconfirm what I did here and stay ahead of the world.” Thus Marcell Jacobs speaking from Casa Italia in Tokyo on the occasion of the press conference of the blue quartet of the 4×100 relay that yesterday won gold at the Olympics.

Filippo Tortu instead returns to the moments of victory: “Being the last fractionist is the best thing but also the worst thing, you live the race as a spectator and you have a tension on you that you do not feel during the individual race: to take the baton to the finish line it was great”.

“This time there is no Lukaku to keep, we hope football will be put aside”, said Lorenzo Patta, who collected the thoughts of his teammates and answered a question whether football will recover in the coming days. front pages of Italian newspapers on the occasion of the press conference at Casa Italia in Tokyo.

“It depends a lot on you (addressed to the journalists present, ed), we, more than running and winning five gold medals, I don’t know what more we can do: you make the titles and the articles, the team has done something historic”, he added Filippo Tortu. Marcell Jacobs and Fausto Desalu also share the same opinion.

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