The Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl at the last gasp

In Las Vegas, Nevada, the Kansas City Chiefs confirmed themselves as United States champions for the second consecutive year, beating the San Francisco 49ers, 25 to 22, after overtime. The Chiefs thus win the 58th Super Bowl, the greatest American football trophy. Decisive in the finale the class of Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the champion considered the heir of Tom Brady, capable of sending the team to score in the last action. Party in the stands, in particular for the pop star Taylor Swift, girlfriend of Travis Kelce, one of the stars of the Chiefs. In the intermission, the man who helped Martin Luther King write the “I Have a Dream” speech appeared in an anti-Semitism commercial that aired on CBS.

Dr. Clarence B. Jones was hired by Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots football franchise and the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism. The Jewish millionaire, who his father wanted to become a rabbi, he bought a thirty-second space for 7 million dollars with a message to combat hatred towards Jews, who make up less than eight percent of the population in the United States. The commercial features Jones in his studio, with references to the historic leader of the black rights movement Martin Luther King. Thirty seconds of appeal to stop all forms of hatred, including that against Muslims.

On the eve of the Super Bowl, the commercial was anticipated by another video that went viral on the internet. It showed the phone call in which Kraft tells Jones that the commercial would be airing for the Super Bowl. “I want to refresh your memory because I told you how great it was to work together – Kraft explains to him – well, let me tell you something. We will air your commercial during the Super Bowl”. Jones tearfully responds: “You know how to make a 93 year old man cry“.

“We’re lucky,” replies the billionaire, referring to their friendship. “You have Clarence B. Jones in your life – Jones replies – and all the love and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. He would have loved you.” “I feel – comments Kraft – that his spirit is among us. What we will do after this commercial is build bridges to bring more love and replace hatred”. The commercial, seen by more than one hundred million viewers, is part of a campaign financed by the billionaire with more than one hundred million dollars and in which the message is always the same: everyone, in their own small way, can do something to fight the Anti-Semitism, a growing phenomenon in the United States which last year saw one Jew in four victims of an episode of intolerance.


The Super Bowl acted as a sounding board for its great impact: the match between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers catalyzed the attention of Americans. In television history, only the 1969 moon landing was more followed, while eight Super Bowls finished in the Top Ten of highest ratings.

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