Athletico uses eight different lineups and 28 athletes in the State Championship

The coach Juan Carlos Osorio continues to carry out tests Athletico. Without even traveling to Londrina, the coach used a practically all reserve team in the 2-1 victory, at Estádio do Café, in the eighth round of the Paranaense Championship.

The coach has already fielded eight different lineups and tested 28 players during the period. The attack (with 10 different athletes) and the defense (with five) are the sectors with the most used names. Not to mention that none of them hold a position in the Colombian’s team, Pablo e Benitez for example, recently played with socks, in zone 14, often mentioned by the coach in interviews.

Furthermore, only three players took to the field in all matches: defender Kaique Rocha (602 minutes), left-back Vinicius Kauê (499 minutes) and striker Julimar (486 minutes). But none of them started all eight rounds.

The main cast still has important names that did not debut: the reinforcements Leo Godoy (recovering from injury) and Lucas DiYorio (awaiting registration with the IDB), the laterals Esquivel (Pre-Olympic) and Fernando (final stage of recovery from serious injury), the steering wheel Friends (recently recovered from serious injury) and the attacker Arriagada (Pre-Olympic).

“It’s a philosophy, a way of life [rodízio de jogadores]. I believe that all human beings deserve opportunities. I try to be fair, always looking for the best for the team, in each game. To have a good cast, 11 are not enough, but rather a group. The idea is the same, the pieces and the actors change. Everyone deserves opportunities”, said the coach about his profile after the victory over Cascavel, in the seventh round.

Athletico is in the isolated lead of the State, with 20 points, and qualified for the next phase three rounds in advance. Furacão returns to the field against Operário on Thursday (15), at 7pm, at Ligga Arena, for the ninth round.

Andraus 0x2 Athletico: Benedict; Madson (Romeo Benítez), Kaique Rocha, Gamarra and Vinicius Kauê; Fernandinho (Hugo Moura), Erick and Alex Santana (Zapelli); Cuello, Canobbio (Jader) and Julimar (Pablo).

Azuriz 0x0 Athletico: Benedict; Madson (Julimar), Kaique Rocha, Gamarra and Vinicius Kauê; Hugo Moura, Alex Santana (Erick) and Zapelli; Jader (Danielzinho), Canobbio (Cuello) and Rômulo (Pablo).

Athletico 1×1 Maringá: Benedict; Madson, Kaique Rocha, Lucas Belezi and Vinicius Kauê (Gamarra); Erick, Fernandinho, Canobbio, Cuello and Romeo Benítez (Alex Santana); Pablo (Julimar).

Athletico 2×1 Galo Maringá: Benedict; Cuello, Lucas Belezi, Thiago Heleno and Gamarra (Kaique Rocha); Hugo Moura (Madson), Erick and Alex Santana (Pablo); Jader (Vinicius Kauê), Romeo Benítez (Zapelli) and Julimar.

Cianorte 0x1 Athletico: Leo Linck; Madson, Kaique Rocha, Gamarra and Vinicius Kauê (Jader); Hugo Moura, Erick and Zapelli (Belezi); Cuello, Julimar (Danielzinho) and Pablo (Matheus Babi).

Athletico 4×0 PSTC: Leo Linck; Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Kaique Rocha; Cuello (Canobbio); Fernandinho (Hugo Moura); Christian (Gamarra) and Vinicius Kauê (Erick); Zapelli; Julimar and Pablo (Mastriani).

Athletico 1×0 Cascavel: Benedict; Madson, Thiago Heleno, Gamarra and Vinicius Kauê (Christian); Fernandinho, Erick, Canobbio and Cuello (Kaique Rocha); Pablo (Zapelli) (Jader) and Mastriani (Julimar).

Londrina 1×2 Athletico: Leo Linck; Kaique Rocha, Belezi and Pedro Henrique; Hugo Moura, Christian, Vinicius Kauê and Jader (Dudu); Romeo Benítez (Danielzinho), Julimar and Walace (Petterson).

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