Boxing in Las Vegas: Nicolas Pablo Demario bites Vargas in the middle of the ring

There were scenes that went down in sports history. On June 28, 1997, boxing heavyweight Mike Tyson (55) bit off a piece of his ear in a world championship match against Evander Holyfield (59).

Now there were similar scenes at a boxing match in Las Vegas on Saturday!

In the fifth round, Argentinian super-lightweight boxer Nicolas Pablo Demario (28) bit his opponent Josue Vargas (30) from Puerto Rico in the shoulder for reasons that have not yet been explained. Referee Robert Hoyle intervened immediately, separating the two super lightweight boxers.

The unbelievable: The “biter” Demario was not disqualified and was allowed to continue boxing!

The commentator on the ESPN+ channel couldn’t believe it either, shouting again and again: “That’s a disqualification, that’s a disqualification. Do you (meaning the referee, editor’s note) want to kid me?”, into the microphone.

Nevertheless, Demario lost at the end of the fight after eight rounds – also because of the bite attack and a significant point deduction.

It brings back memories: Mike Tyson (left) bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s earPhoto: AP

Incidentally, Tyson was disqualified in 1997 for his biting attack.

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