An air show and the state championship of ultralight aircraft was held today at the sports airport in Ćuprija, which gathered more than 30 competitors from all over Serbia.

The Open Fly Day sports event was organized for the third time by the Aeroclub “Ćuprija” with the support of the Aviation Association of Serbia, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Sports Association of Serbia and the Municipality of Ćuprija.

In the first part of the event, visitors had the opportunity to see more than 100 takeoffs and landings of ultralight aircraft, such as ultralight aircraft, motor kites, gliders and gyrocopters.

The president of the Aeroclub “Ćuprija”, Goran Stojković, said that the visitors could enjoy an interesting flight program in which our best pilots participated.

“After a year break due to the situation with kovid-19, to my great joy, we gathered almost all pilots in ultralight flying in Serbia. For the first time, there are gliders without motor propulsion at our airport. They are towed by a plane, lifted to a certain height and fly until landing, “Stojkovic said.

In the second part of the event, the state championship for ultralight aircraft was held, which gathered more than 30 competitors from all over Serbia in three categories – ultralight plane, motor kite and gyrocopter.

The President of the Municipal Assembly, Ninoslav Erić, said that this event, which is being organized at the sports airport in Dobričevo, contributes to a better tourist offer of Ćuprija.

“It is very important for us to start this type of development of local self-government, through tourism and sports,” said Eric and stated that the location, which used to be agricultural, is now an urban construction zone.

Thus, on an area of ​​700 hectares, we have an industrial, trade and tourist zone, said Eric.

He pointed out that the planning document will also determine the location for the airport, where larger planes will be able to land.


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