“I find it improbable that the first women’s professional league is not handled by women,” Mara Tato says

Mara Tato, the former director of Women’s Football for the Royal Spanish Football Federation, stated on Monday that it would be “unbelievable” if the new professional women’s football league is not run by women, and she emphasized the new Sports Law’s advancements in women’s sport.

“It would seem unlikely to me that if we try to make active policies and force the presence of women in the governing bodies of the federations from the CSD, the first professional women’s football league is not managed by women,” Tato, who is currently in the RFEF International Area, said at the conference ‘The new Sports Law, an Opportunity for the Country,’ held in Congress.

The directive praised the First Iberdrola’s professionalization as implying “the acknowledgment of some status and rights,” as well as the possibility of “opening the door” to additional women’s tournaments and “making sport viable.”

Tato admitted that during his time on the Athletic Club Board of Directors, he was “the only board” in the club and that it was “normal.” “It will be the overall tendency if I apply it to other categories. I doubt there will be many female managers among the 75,000 clubs “she emphasized

He also stated that the absence of a fundamental right such as motherhood from the new Sports Law was “unthinkable.” “It was not gathered previously, and many women had their scholarship system terminated due to pregnancy, and this was not long ago. Motherhood cannot be divorced from athletic pursuits “She was agitated.

Furthermore, in light of the fact that FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will play in the Champions League at the Camp Nou on Wednesday, Tato is “very” pleased that “this domino effect of occupying places continues” in women’s football, where he can’t play “normal.”

“It’s really vital since what isn’t seen isn’t eaten. If we want to have a professional league, we need to make it sustainable, which means we need sponsorships, not crosses and little pills like we have now. It must be pictured since it is not sustainable if it is not consumed “he stated

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