The first match in the playoffs in the Jukuri league history ended in defeat

The winner of the regular season, Tappara, defeated Luko and Ilves overthrew Kärpät in extra time.

Mikkeli The first playoff game in Jukuri’s hockey history didn’t become historic.

Kouvola’s KooKoo applied for a 3–1 away win at the Mikkeli Ice Rink (0–0, 1–2, 0–1). The match was watched by more than 3,000 spectators.

Czech defender Libor Zábranský scored Jukuri’s first playoff goal in 37.18 when he leveled the numbers to 1-1.

The scorer of KooKoo was Joose Antonen (30.24), Aleksi Ainali (38.18) and Toni Suuronenwho hit the puck to the Jukuri empty goal in 59.42.

“The puck hit the tip of my skate. This was a fighting game as expected, ”Ainali told STT. A decade ago, Ainali celebrated A-Championship gold medal at HIFK.

Jukurit is the league team of the league season, which finished second in the regular season.

“These games are expected. Great that the whole town is behind us and breathing this thing. It will definitely bring us more energy, ”the Jukuri striker Pekka Jormakka said on the eve of the match.

Jukurit and KooKoo have been a familiar fighting couple over the years. In Mestis, the teams had a total of eight playoff series and matches, of which Jukurit won five: the finals in 2002, 2013 and 2015, the semi-finals in 2004 and the bronze medal match in 2008.

KooKoo was stronger in the Mestis semi-finals in 2010, the bronze medal match in 2012 and the 2014 finals.

Poleaxe won Rauma Luko 5–3 at home. The lock already led the match 2-0 Sami Päivärinnan and Miska Kukkonen with goals, but Tappara, who won the regular season, was forced to side and past in the second round.

Kärpät and Ilves are already playing their second match in the playoffs. Ilves won his first encounter on Sunday in Tampere.

The second match in Oulu went to extra time in numbers 1–1. Overtime Henrik Haapala overwhelmed the victory for Ilves in 62.34. The situation was preceded by flies Juhamatti Aaltonen frostbite.

Petri Kontiola played the scene for Haapala, whose bet took off Atte from Ohtamaa and surprised that the Flies had played with paint Joel Blomqvistin.

Sitting on an ice shelf, Aaltonen quickly disappeared into the shelter of the locker room.

“We try to move the puck with force, but I don’t reveal too much, both flies are reading this stuff,” experienced Kontiola said.

Ilves leads the match with 2-0. Four wins are required in the quarterfinals.

The number of spectators in Tampere was 5,067 and in Oulu 4,135.

HIFK, who lost his opening match on Sunday, will face TPS in Helsinki on Tuesday. The matches Lukko – Tappara and KooKoo – Jukurit will also be played on Tuesday.

Corrigendum on March 28, 2022 at 10:03 PM Contrary to what was first erroneously claimed in the title, this is Jukuri’s first playoff game in the League. The story incorrectly mentioned that Kärpät and Ilves had played in Tampere. The teams played in Oulu on Monday.

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