Tell Brock about one of the more colorful characters in the Bouzaglo family, Fanny Bouzaglo, who moves into an apartment at a good time with her partner, Oshri Cohen. As they Otto celebrate a year of marriage, they finally take a significant step on the way to the ring when this week they move into a new apartment in Kiryat Bialik. A VIP survival graduate is known to live in Acre with her four children and her divorcee Ohad Buzaglo, and revealed to her followers that despite the transition this year, the children will continue in the educational institutions in Acre so that the transition will be smooth for them.

Followers who are particularly excited ahead of the rise of the new season of the network’s reality show starring it, which is expected to air after the holidays, were interested in knowing how it remained so optimistic and managed to move on after the divorce. Fanny responded to her nearly 80,000 followers: “I’ll start with the fact that I’m a naturally optimistic person and no one stays when he’s not good even if he has children. Just keep going and suddenly see how things work out and new directions open up. No need to be fixed. It’s happening to us. “

Fanny, who has always lived by the agenda “Be who you are and what you are without ever knocking anyone out,” is expected to star as one of the standout survivors of the new season that is approaching us in huge strides. As you may recall, one good thing came out of her participation in Survival – close friendship with Maayan Ashkenazi, a graduate of Shlomi Azulai’s big brother and ex. The section hopes that by the time survival survives on our TV screens, Fanny will also have a new ring in addition to the new key she shares with her football referee, who is now also becoming her partner. Have a good time!

Fanny Bouzaglo responds on Instagram | Instagram, screenshot

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