Vejle with nice accounts

The results on the field have put Vejle Boldklub in imminent danger of being relegated from the Super League. But the economic results for 2021 are otherwise satisfactory.

On Tuesday, the company behind the club presented the annual accounts for 2021. It shows a profit of 8.2 million kroner before tax. A significant increase compared to the previous result, which showed a deficit of DKK 7.3 million.

The deficit from 2020 sent equity into a deficit of almost six million kroner, but with the result from 2021, that has changed.

The equity is now a plus and amounts to approximately six million kroner. One of the reasons for this is a capital increase of approximately DKK 3.7 million.

Henrik Tønder, CEO of Vejle Boldklub, is well satisfied with the financial performance last year.

– The result for 2021 is a solid one of a kind, where Vejle Boldklub has also invested in various core areas of the business, it sounds from the director in a press release from the club.

– We have invested commercially in a new lounge, in the commercial setup, in the talent department and in the sports department. Investments that will contribute to the club’s work in the coming years.

Henrik Tønder tells Ritzau that the investments have been made with a clear conscience, because the club’s income from commercial activities is on an upward curve.

In addition, in 2021 they managed to sell players for more money than in 2020. In particular, the sale of Wahid Faghir to Stuttgart is booming.

– In 2020, the income from player sales was largely non-existent, says Henrik Tønder to Ritzau.

Vejle Boldklub’s gross profit has increased by more than DKK 20 million compared to 2020.

Twice during this season, Vejle has changed coach.

In the autumn, Peter Sørensen took over the role of head coach after the fired Carit Falch. In March, Peter Sørensen was chilled at the gate and replaced by Ivan Prelec.

Vejle is facing having to fight for survival in the Super League, when it starts with the relegation game from 3 April.

The Jutland tradition club won 2-0 over OB, but it was only the fourth victory in the basic game. The team is second to last in the row with five points up to FC Nordsjælland and OB.

The two worst teams move down to a somewhat different economic reality in the 1st division.

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