Astralis star looks forward to big tournament:

The fourth and final group in the mega tournament ESL Pro League is just around the corner, and here we finally get Danish Heroic and Astralis in the fire.

It will also be the debut for Asger ‘Farlig’ Jensen, who joined the Astralis team in February but still has an official match to spare.

Nevertheless, his new teammate, Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke, is pleased with the influx of new players.

– It is awesome! There is a really good feeling on the team and we have taken a big step with the approach of Asger. His style suits the rest of us really well and he is a player who takes initiative and clearly tells what he needs.

– There has never been a bad mood, and Philip (‘Lucky’ Ewald, now the bench Astralis player, ed.) Did his thing, but I do not think there is anyone on the team or around us who is in doubt that we comes with the chest forward and is ready for battle, says ‘k0nfig’.

How has the work been to get ‘Dangerous’ into the team and the group?

– Super easy. He is very vocal, at the same time as he is good at sensing what is needed in the individual situations. He is an impact player, but it should not all be put on him, says ‘k0nfig’ and adds:

– He must also find himself completely at ease, and the rest of us must lift more. We do that too, so both on the server and socially it works really well, he says.

The goal is the playoffs

Wednesday night awaits American Evil Geniuses, and they are the first obstacle on the way to the goal, which is advancement from the group, which in addition to the first day’s opponent counts the world setters from NaVi, Danish Heroic, American Complexity and Polish AGO.

And the 24-year-old Astralis star is looking forward to getting started with the tournament, which Astralis has won several times before.

– We play all matches to win, and if we do, we win it all. Initially, however, we need to move on from the group, and there is strong competition, so we focus on the task ahead of us.

– We are entering the tournament with a clarity we may have missed, so I’m really looking forward to getting started.

The ESL Pro League has a prize pool of DKK 5.5 million.

Not downward form curve

Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke was together with Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer presented in the Astralis jersey last November. And in the debut for the BLAST Premier Fall Final in the Royal Arena, it was an unheard of high level especially ‘k0nfig’ showed. But since then, the form has dropped a bit, just as the team has also been smoked out the top 10 in the world rankings.

However, it belongs with the fact that he to the latest tournament, IEM Katowice, where Astralis finished on a 7.-8. place and was sent out of the tournament by the finalists from G2, got delivered something that approached the level he showed for the BLAST Premier Fall Final at the Royal Arena, where Astralis finished as threes.

Critics will say that it has been a downward form curve lately for you and the team. When can fans expect Astralis back on top?

– We have not performed as we want and should, we agree. However, I do not agree that we or I personally are in a downward form curve, says the Dane and elaborates:

– To end 7.-8. in Katowice after a 2-1 defeat to G2 is no disaster. Personally, I had an OK tournament and feel it has gone better and better, which the statistics probably also show. It’s a development I would like to continue and we are entering the tournament with great faith in ourselves.

– Then the results must show if we are right, but we come with everything we have, ends ‘k0nfig’.

Astralis and ‘k0nfig’ meet Evil Geniuses at 7.30pm on Wednesday night in ESL Pro League Group D. Heroic meets American Complexity earlier in the day at 4pm.

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