Linoy Ashram will decide on her professional future after returning from Tokyo. The 22.year.old gymnast, who won the gold medal in a long battle yesterday (Saturday), will take time and together with her family will decide whether to launch another Olympic campaign with the aim of also competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Ashram will be 25 years old in three years, and this is a relatively advanced age for artistic gymnasts. Very few gymnasts compete at this high level as they cross the age of 25, so Ashram will have to make a decision together with her family after reaching a peak that an Olympic athlete can reach in her industry.

Oren, Ashram’s father, told Sport1 tonight: “Whatever Linoy decides, we will support her. In any case, it is her decision. I know that in artistic gymnastics age plays a major role and in three years the body is not the same body and the muscles are not the same. At the moment we are waiting. “Linoy and finally a little calm down after the two crazy days we went through. We are gathering strength for Linoy’s exciting return to Israel on Wednesday.“

Reached a peak. Linoy Ashram and the gold medal | Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

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