So many stories and speculations surrounding the new season of “VIP Survival” that is set to air on Network 13 after the holidays. After Asi Bouzaglo’s win the title of “Last Survivor” and the insane ratings the show received, the expectations from his brother, Ohad Bouzaglo, are both to deliver the goods and in a huge way.

It is not known whether the eldest brother of the Buzaglo family proved to be a strategist and reached the finals, but the “Broad” section first learned that Buzaglo – who stars in the show alongside his ex.wife Fanny Buzaglo – had a stormy affair on the island with none other than Maayan Ashkenazi, a graduate of Shlomi Azulai. connection.

Ohad’s name has recently been linked with Ella Eibinder while Ashkenazi’s name with Michael Lewis, but the section’s sources insist: the connection between Buzaglo and Ashkenazi has caused sparks to fly through the air in the Philippines.

Ashkenazi spring | Nir Peking

Buzaglo A message to the section: “It is requested that my name be linked to names that were with me on the island, I have already heard every possible name and I will leave you to watch and see for yourselves what the season was like.” also Ashkenazic Responded: “I had nothing to do with a Bouzaglo fan. Rumors like water.“

If Ohad’s children, Fanny, are participating in the new season and recently she seems to be in excellent contact with Ashkenazi, so it can be said that she is really supporting her ex.husband. “When there is real friendship and real respect, there is no reason to be angry. Everything is transparent between us, and Fanny and I have a really good relationship and she knows me,” he explained. Fan

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