The journey is the official Qatar World Cup ball

The “journey” will be the official ball for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, which begins at the end of next November, according to what the International Federation (FIFA) announced yesterday.

And FIFA said in a statement that Adidas unveiled the official ball for the 2022 World Cup Qatar “and nicknamed it (The Journey), which is the 14th ball in a row that Adidas manufactured for the World Cup, and it is characterized by its ability to move in the air faster than any other ball in the history of the tournament. ».

The ball was called the trip because it was inspired “from the culture, architecture and boats of Qatar, in addition to its national flag, and the dark and vibrant colors on the pearly background represent the host country of the FIFA World Cup and the continuous spread of the game.”

On the sustainability front, Journey is the first World Cup ball to be made exclusively from water-based inks and adhesives. According to FIFA, the trekking ball was designed using rigorous data and tests in adidas laboratories, wind tunnels, and on turf, and tested by a number of football players, and is characterized by the highest levels of accuracy and reliability thanks to its new design and surface texture. “The travel ball around the world will represent the atmosphere of the FIFA World Cup to travel to every place, and will give fans a unique opportunity to interact with the event that is becoming more and more exciting,” said Jean-Francois Pathy, Director of Marketing at FIFA.

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