Jokic scored 37 points in the victory of Denver, Bogdanovic’s 20 points in the victory of Atlanta

Denver’s basketball players defeated Indiana tonight with 125: 118 and achieved the third consecutive victory in the NBA league. Denver was led by Serbian center Nikola Jokić with 37 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists. He hit the first nine shots in the first half, shot 15/19 from the game, and lacked one assist for the 20th triple-double of the season.

Bons Highland contributed to the victory with 20 points and seven assists, Will Barton with 18 points, and Monte Morris and Demarkus Cousins ​​with 11.

In the Indiana team, seven players scored double-digit points, and the most efficient was Buddy Hill with 20. Terry Taylor scored 18 points and had nine rebounds, Goga Bitadze 17 points with 10 rebounds, and Tyrese Halibarton 15 points with 12 assists.

The Atlanta basketball team defeated Oklahoma with 136: 118 and achieved the third consecutive victory. The Hawks were led by Trey Young who scored 41 points with eight assists. He played three quarters, shot 13/24 from the game, and from the free throw line 11/12.

Serbian national team player Bogdan Bogdanović scored 20 points, with three assists, two rebounds and two stolen balls, and Kevin Herter finished the match with 20 points. During a three-game winning streak, Atlanta averaged 129.7 points per game.

In the Oklahoma team, the most efficient was Lindy Waters with 25 points, of which he scored seven “threes”. Theo Maledon added 18 points and eight assists, and Serbian basketball player Alexei Pokushevski added 13 points, eight assists and four rebounds.

The Dallas basketball players beat Cleveland 120: 112 and secured one of the first six places in the playoffs. The best in the winning team was Luka Dončić with 35 points, 13 assists and nine rebounds. Dorian Feeney Smith scored 28 and Jalen Branson 18 points.

In the team from Cleveland, which was defeated for the fourth time in the last five games, Keris Levert scored 32 points, and Darius Garland scored 25 points with 10 assists.

The Miami basketball players defeated Boston with 106: 98 and remained in the race for the first place before the playoffs of the Eastern Conference. Miami was led by Jimmy Butler with 24 points, Kyle Laurie with 23 points and eight assists and Bem Adebayo with 17 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists.

Miami is first in the East with 49 wins and 28 losses, Milwaukee is second with 47/28, Philadelphia is 46/29, and Boston is 47/30.

After briefly taking first place in the East, Boston suffered its second consecutive defeat and dropped to fourth place. The most efficient in that team were Jalen Brown with 28 points with 10 rebounds and Jason Tatum with 23 points and six assists.

Phoenix basketball players defeated Golden State with 107: 103 and achieved the 62nd victory of the season. The chances were led by Devin Booker and Michael Bridges with 22 points each and Deandre Eaton with 16 points and 16 rebounds.

In the Golden State team, the best was Jordan Poole with 38 points, nine rebounds and seven assists. Andrew Wiggins added 19 points and Clay Thompson added 13.

Phoenix is ​​first in the league with 62 wins and 14 losses, and Golden State is in third place in the West with 48/29.

In other games, Memphis beat San Antonio 112: 111 and secured second place in the West, Sacramento beat Houston 121: 118, and Toronto solidified its sixth position in the East with a 125: 102 victory over Minnesota.

New Orleans beat Portland with 117: 107, Charlotte beat New York with 125: 114 and achieved the eighth victory in the last 11 games, and Washington was better than Orlando with 127: 110.

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