Gymnasts Linoy Ashram and Nicole Zelikman signed the European Championship qualifiers when they secured their place in the prestigious multi-fight final as well as adding more finals in devices Linoy and Nicole went up to compete in the last house and performed the baton and film exercises.

Scores in the baton exercise: Linoy Ashram – 26.9 Nicole Zelikman – 25.2 Scores in the film exercise: Linoy Ashram – 24.05 Nicole Zelikman – 21.9. The gymnasts ‘all-around ranking (in favor of qualifying for the all-around finals) is calculated according to the gymnasts’ three best scores.

Linoy Ashram – weighted score 82.0 (calculated by instruments: hoop, ball, batons), ranked second. In first place is Dina Avrina – Russia (84.9) and in third place Anastasia Salos – Belarus (81.7) Nicole Zelikman – weighted score 73.2 (calculated by instruments: ball, batons, ribbon), is ranked 11th.

Nicole Zelikman | Maya Bialik

The final photo of the gymnasts: Linoy Ashram (Hapoel Rishon Lezion Ramat Eliyahu, coach: Ayelet Sussman) – multi-fight, hoop, ball, batons, ribbon. Nicole Zelikman (Maccabi Tel Aviv, coach: Ella Smolov) – multi-fight, ball, film. Tomorrow there will be a multi-fight final for the individual gymnasts, as well as qualifiers for the team.

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