After leading the Israeli national team to new heights in baseball, Eric Holtz decided to end his position as coach of the Israeli national team immediately. Earlier this week, Holtz informed the president of the Israeli Baseball Association, Jordi Alter, and the team manager, Peter Kurtz, of his desire to terminate his position.

During his four years as coach of the national team, Holtz led the Israeli team of the second tier in European baseball to a respectable performance at the Olympic Games. He coached the team in four tournaments in the summer of 2019 to qualify from the second tier in Europe to the European Championship tournament and then to the Olympic qualifying tournament of the European House of Africa, where the Israeli team made history when it qualified for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. At the Olympics, the Israeli team achieved one victory and finished in fifth place.

The Baseball Association stated: “The Israeli Baseball Association thanks Holtz for his dedication and hard work in promoting baseball during the period in which he coached the Israeli team and wishes him success in the new path he chooses.”

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