“In such football or non.football circumstances, someone could understand that as a provocation. We do not want to add oil, but to make it easier for the hosts to organize the game itself,” Novi Pazar announced the conclusions from the extraordinary session of the Superleague Board.

In Novi Pazar, they stated that after the match with Partizan, a brutal campaign of the media and politicians from the ranks of the Serbian government and the opposition against that club followed.

“The president of the state (Aleksandar Vučić) also shifted the blame for the events of Sunday’s game with Partizan to Novi Pazar, attributing to the fans slogans and chanting that no one uttered,” Pazarci added.

They assessed that it is necessary to hold the Assembly of the club by September 15 at the latest, which would declare its trust in the current management and at which decisions would be made on the further functioning of that super league.

“Members of our management from the ranks of businessmen are surprised by the reactions of the audience at the match with Partizan, which on several occasions chanted ‘management out’. punished and sanctioned in other ways. We help because this club needs the club and we don’t need any thanks for that, least of all public insults “, states the Board of Directors of the club.

“If we do not already have the support of the fans, if the general public is turned against the club, we consider it logical to elect a new leadership at the Assembly, which will more successfully fight the challenges in the continuation of the season,” the Board of Directors concluded.

The football players of Novi Pazar were defeated on Sunday by Partizan with 4: 1, in the match of the fourth round of the Serbian Super League.

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