Now they are protesting

Actually, Freiburg would rather be free of the situation, but the club has still chosen to protest that Bayern Munich briefly had 12 players on the field when the two teams met in the Bundesliga this weekend.

This is how it sounds on the club’s website.

Now it is up to the German Football Association (DFB) to decide whether Bayern Munich, who won the match 4-1, should be punished.

The incident occurred after 85 minutes of Saturday’s clash, when Bayern Munich wanted to make a double substitution.

Kingsley Coman, who should have been replaced, did not leave the pitch. Only when Freiburg’s Nico Schlotterbeck after 15-16 seconds did the referee point out that something was wrong, the match was interrupted.

During the short period, nothing decisive happened in the showdown.

In order for the DFB to take up the case, Freiburg had to protest. According to the rules, the association has no right to do so on its own.

Freiburg is tired of that procedure.

– In principle, we have no interest at all in playing an active role, which is imposed on us against our will for procedural reasons, and we are extremely unfit in that, Freiburg writes on its website.

However, the club has nevertheless chosen to protest to, among other things, create focus on the very procedure that requires Freiburg to play an active role in a case where the club has not had an influence on the mistake that has been made.

In addition, Freiburg wants a clarification of what will happen in the future if a team gets to have 12 players on the field at the same time, as was the case for Bayern Munich.

After the showdown, several actors said the mistake happened as a result of confusion.

Until last season, Kingsley Coman played with number 29 on his back. Now he plays with number 11 on his back.

When Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann decided on Saturday to pick him out of the showdown, number 29 was shown on the replacement board, but he did not respond.

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